Lara Deutz

Artist Biography

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rotterdam-based artist Lara Deutz was raised by fine art painters Alex Meidam and Lynda Deutz. From the moment she can walk and crawl she’s also present in the atelier.

So since Lara is using a pencil, she is making art. Always with passion, between or outside the lines. Inside or outside the box. She’s also making music from a very young age. She started playing the piano at the age of 5 and became a songwriter. In 2018 Lara picked up her premier passion (art) and pushed this to a new level. These days she’s dripping and drawing! Art styles that inspire Lara are abstract expressionism, pop art, and line art.

In addition, Lara’s music is influenced by jazz and pop music. When Lara sits down at the piano something around her shifts. She escapes from the world and fills the place with warm and jazzy sounds. Her songs are often autobiographical. They are about self-development, freedom, and nature. Jazzalara sings and plays her songs with passion and individuality, inspired by Nina Simone, Janne Schra, Peggy Lee, Zero 7, and Stevie Wonder.

To conclude, creativity has always been an essential part of Lara’s life and remains an important driving force in her artistic development. But what drives her to create all these pieces of art? Escapism, the desire to escape from reality or routine. But also, self-development, because this is essential to become a better version of yourself.

Artist Statement ​

Do something different, don’t draw between the lines. Following the rules will take a toll over time. Well, for me it does. That’s why my artworks are produced with the thought “Get out of the comfort zone”. My paintings are inspired by artists like Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring. 

Atelier Lara Deutz